Let's start with the good stuff. For the second week in a row the final scene of the hour provided the highlight for The Blacklist, as Red waited in the dark in someone's home to confront them. This week it didn't go nearly as well for the resident, as we bid a sad goodbye to the wonderful but underused Jane Alexander. I was taken by surprise when Red first shot her, but of course he's going to kill the person responsible for the attack and, in turn, Luli's murder. And his personal cleaner showed up to be addressed as "Mr. Kaplan" which was interesting as well (at first I thought I heard Kaplan address Red as "Gary," but upon further review with captions it was just "deary."). With Fowler dead that leaves Fitch (Alan Alda) as the highest player we know of, but if we're to believe Red they have a truce for the moment.



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