American Idol Recap: Hey, Wait a Minute, This Season Is Good!

Changes are afoot at American Idol. Subtle but significant changes. To the casual viewer, nothing’s different — it’s still starry-eyed hopeful after starry-eyed hopeful plead-singing their case to a panel of celebrity judges ­— but this is not the show I’ve been love-and-hate-watching since 2002.


For one thing, I don’t think we’ve ruined the life of any effeminate boys or autistic teens. In its first twelve seasons, American Idol treated people with lower-than-average talent and unconventional affect like they were sub-human. During the Cowell years, it was especially vexing: Onscreen, you'd see judge Simon faux-fuming over all the wasted time, but in the edit bay, producer Simon was licking his lips and building an empire on kicking dreamers while they’re down. But this year? So far, nobody’s had their genitals laughed at on national television. What a relief.  Read More...


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