Parenthood Cry-Cap: You Gotta Keep ’Em Trial Separated


In this week’s Parenthood, the break was made. Joel moved out of the ridiculously spacious contemporary home he shares with Julia. They told the kids they were separating. And Julia told her parents, too, in a scene that was the cryingest cry moment in an episode that elicited exponentially more tears than last week’s. Thank God. It’s so much easier to write a cry-cap when there’s actually some crying involved.


Didn’t I say in last week’s recap that just when this season of Parenthood seems like too much to bear, it will suddenly boomerang and deliver a really good episode? That’s what happened last night. After the previous week’s installment, which lacked both forward momentum and the poignancy we used to take for granted from this show, Parenthood got back down to the business of depicting relatable family drama: battles with school principals, marital compromise, mold remediation, and, of course, trial separations.  Read More...


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