Parks and Recreation Recap: Get a Chard-On


So many of my favorite recurring Parks themes and things made appearances in this episode: Pawnee’s obesity epidemic, Burt Macklin, Craig the doppelgänger, delighted Ron, and Donna as the voice of reason. This was so much fun; I can’t believe it only cost me $150.


You can’t escape City Hall, fool! LET’S DANCE.
Ben and Leslie would be the worst couple if you knew them in real life, right? They can’t stop talking about how much they love each other, how hot Ben looks in slacks, and Leslie’s all-around adorableness. I mean, this “We rehearsed that at home. Naked. In bed. What!” stuff is great onscreen. In reality? Not so much. Ron can’t even be won over with a little GH (that’s group hug, obviously). The happiest newlyweds in Indiana frolic over to the farmers' market, where my favorite interaction of the episode takes place:  Read More...


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