Community Recap: Chair to Dance?


“Geothermal Escapism” was just a whole lot of fun, and a very fitting send-off for Donald Glover’s Troy. We’ve all known Glover’s departure was imminent, and last week’s “Cooperative Polygraphy” pulled off a lot of heavy lifting in not only managing a truly funny and emotionally appropriate farewell to Pierce, but in setting a new path for Troy, whose man-child romps with Abed had perhaps become a tad stagnant.


“Geothermal Escapism” not only provided us with a bunch of laughs from its outlandish situations, but also addressed Abed’s emotional stress of having to deal with his best bud of the past four years embarking on a journey that doesn’t include him. I appreciated the shift from Britta’s psychotherapy being a constant punch line — which has certainly netted its own share of yucks — to an actually useful and accurate skill; from the beginning of the episode, she’s calling people out for masking their anxiety about Troy with humor and giddiness, and for once, she’s not just “Britta-ing” the situation. Once the lava game begins, her role becomes that of an emotional truth renegade, fighting her way through the ridiculousness in order to get Abed, for once, to actually confront his fear. By the time she reaches the endgame, and Abed commits lavacide, she realizes that at least on some level, she has to join them to beat them, and Gillian Jacobs handled the whole play-cloning sequence with Troy beautifully, at once finding a way to get Abed to accept the situation and helping Troy realize that while he may never truly be able to get inside Abed’s head, he still understands him enough to help ease his pain. I think the show has a tendency to go to the “Britta is the worst” well a bit too often, and it was nice to see her have a chance to be right, and not necessarily rub it in anybody’s faces. She even got a nice nod in her good-bye with Troy, where she calls herself “the worst,” and Troy tells her she’s actually the best and he loves her. Aw. Sniffle.  Read More...


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