TV Review: Black Sails Has Not Found Treasure

When word got out that Disney was making a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, everyone scoffed. A ride? As inspiration for a movie? Yo-ho, yo-ho, that sounds like a terrible idea. And maybe it was a terrible idea, but then the movies came out, and suddenly people couldn't stop spending their money on them. Action and adventure! Massive production values, Johnny Depp, a semi-decent romance, maybe even a sense of humor — all from a goddamn ride. Now here's Black Sails, a Michael Bay–produced pirate drama that premieres on Starz at 8 p.m. tonight, based loosely on some of the ideas of Treasure Island. That's rich source material! And yet the show is this anti-Rumpelstiltskin that turns gold into hay. How can a show overflowing with pirates and nudity be so boring?  Read More...


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