Movie Review: I, Frankenstein ... It Bad

There are worse movies with the name “Frankenstein” in them than I, Frankenstein, but they had about one ten thousandth the budget and played on double or triple bills with other cheapo pictures and you got your money’s worth.* This one is based on a graphic novel with a breathtakingly unoriginal premise: Frankenstein’s monster (Aaron Eckhart) returns from the North Pole (where he fled, pursued by his vengeful maker, at the end of Mary Shelley’s novel) — and becomes a martial-arts demon fighter! The spawns of Satan are led by Bill Nighy; they wear The Matrix–like dark suits and ties and look like generic Wall Street scumbags, until their heads burst into flames and they reveal their true horned-devil heads. Nighy (“Naberious”) wants the secret of Frankie’s reanimation, which he’ll use to resurrect dead bodies so that the demons who’ve been “descended” can rise up from hell and successfully possess said bodies because reanimated dead bodies don’t have souls and demons can’t possess anybody with souls ...


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