'Bones': Chess, Canadians and scientist bikinis in 'The Master in the Slop'

"Bones" has to deal with a lot in "The Master in the Slop." In addition to the requisite murder, the case is complicated by chess players, Canadians and competitiveness. The whole thing culminates with Brennan -- and her female colleagues -- getting scientist bikinis to wear for a calendar.A game of life and deathThe murder victim of the week is Paul Magnuson, a chess master who is electrocuted, dumped over a fence and then fed to pigs. Safe to say that people didn't like this guy much while he was alive. Suspects range from the pig owner (who just tried to get rid of the body) to chess rivals to a religious ex-wife with a penchant for arson.But none of them are the killer. Instead, Magnuson was killed by his girlfriend's son, Tim. A chess player as well, Tim turns out to be a sociopath with a mommy complex. He didn't think Magnuson was...



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