Episode Recap: "Gavin Volure"

This week on 30 Rock, an eccentric friend of Jack's took a shine to Liz, Tracy feared patricide, and Kenneth's family was terrorized by angry pigs (had to throw that one in there). Read on for the full recap.

OK, now this was a funny episode, and I don't know how I'll be able to list and do all the best lines justice. The A-story set-up was this: A super-wealthy friend of Jack's, Gavin Volure (guest-star Steve Martin), hosts a dinner party attended by a hand-chosen selection of worlds. Including art-collecting and yelling. (Hi, John McEnroe!) Gavin comes off as an eccentric sort, apparently confined to his home by agoraphobia, and overly concerned by germs. But somewhere in that, Liz sees her chance with the perfect guy. Especially when Gavin suggests a weekend of staying in, watching TV, and having no sex. "What woman would want all that?" he laments. Liz, Liz, Liz!

Back at 30 Rock, Tracy fears that his sons are trying to snuff him a la the Menendez brothers, only to later realize they were simply worried he'd get so rich he'd find another family. Awww. The story was a good excuse to meet the Tracy Jordan sex doll, who later would play a pivotal role....

Gavin invites Jack to invest in his new venture, something to do with windmills and TV, I think. Jack is all in, and he even coerces Kenneth to give up his coffee can savings (expect for the Confederate money). Soon enough, though, Jack learns they both lost their money, as the venture was a scam.

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