The Fosters (ABC Family) Review “Things Unsaid”

“Things Unsaid” was an episode about secrets, fears and all things we fail to tell the people we love. For Mike it meant confessing to Brandon after years of mistakes, that it was not Stef he regrets losing the most it was the ability to always be with his son– the true love of his life. For Lena it meant not telling Stef how terrifying Stef’s first day back at work was for her. For Jude it was hoarding food under his bed in case his new family decides to give up on him, and for Stef it was a desire to tell Callie how much she is loved.

Stef didn’t get to verbalize her love to Callie directly, but at least Callie does see her foster mom from afar, not that it will do her much good. Thanks to a conversation with Daphne, Callie now knows there is a way for her to live on her own with help from the system. She and Brandon continued to pretend they were Romeo and Juliet this week even though Brandon was given a restraining order and Callie risked being kicked out of the house to see and talk with him. It seems during their lengthy hug, Brandon slipped Callie a phone. Watching the two of them continue a relationship so recklessly is painful as a viewer over the age of sixteen. It is exactly the sort of thing that can look romantic when you’re young, but knowing everything Callie is risking– most notably, the chance to have a family –it’s upsetting to watch her continue to cling to the idea she and Brandon can be together romantically.



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