'Downton Abbey's' Michelle Dockery identifies with 'Seinfeld's' Elaine

Zap2it: When did people start recognizing you?Michelle Dockery: I was in the Tea Room in Greenwich (England), just as the first series was airing in January, and I sat next to a couple and they were talking about the last scene between Matthew and Mary, and just as they were leaving they recognized me. I will always remember that.Zap2it: Why do think "Downton" is such a hit in the states?Michelle Dockery: It's plate spinning. That's what keeps people watching. ... There's a romance to it. There's something in the romance of "Downton." We have come full circle. With "Downton," it is nonviolence, a subtlety about it, and normally, we see everything literally. There is a fascination with class and aristocracy. Since Kate and Wills, there is some parallel the show plays with that, some boon with it. It is very crazy that they have named the baby George after [Queen] Elizabeth's father, and we have...



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