Episode Recap: "Family Meeting"

When FX launched its first drama, The Shield, the promoted it with the tagline: "The Road to Justice Is Twisted." If you didn't believe the show had a mission statement from the start you can't deny it now. The Shield's series finale, "Family Meeting", contained everything a great episode of the show should: drama, drugs, twists and heartbreakingly awful decision making. Decisions that have cost and irreparably damaged lives. Some of those decisions weren't necessarily made in this episode, but instead were set up years ago. Vic's own road to justice (Did he really get any? More on that later.) began years ago when he had friends, family, and a great opportunity to run an experimental team in the Farmington district of L.A.

L.A. What a great place to start, considering it's where Shawn Ryan started the episode. The band X's punk rock song "Los Angeles" plays over the title sequence with Vic driving in his car thinking about all that lies in front of him. Above all, he's betrayed his partner Ronnie to guarantee immunity for himself and Corrine. He tells Ronnie the "ironclad" deal is for both of them to continue his operation with ICE. Vic's deal is not only bad for Detective Gardocki. Corrine has had immunity by working with The Barn, an investigation that has now gone bust. She fears Vic will discover what's been going on.

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