Downton Abbey Recap: Horror Show

Good news from Downton Abbey! Anna and Mr. Bates have finally repaired their relationship. They’ve openly discussed matters previously kept secret. They once again plan to live together in their quaint English cottage. Yes, it’s all going to be just fine now.


Oh, wait, one more thing: Anna needs to divorce Mr. Bates and run from him like the Yorkshire wind because that dude is a psychotic ax murderer. At least that’s what Downton Abbey led us to believe via the ridiculous, horror-movie-style ending to this week’s episode. “Be aware,” Mr. Bates warned Mrs. Hughes in his shadiest tone of his voice, while referring to his plan to smite the man who raped his wife, “Nothing is over and nothing is done with.” The only thing missing from the moment was the ominous sound of that ever-present gong being struck.  Read More...


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