Looking Recap: A Little Respect

The spine of this episode is the relationship between Agustín and Patrick, though this is not immediately apparent. Agustín is moving out of the apartment he has been sharing with Patrick for eight years. They went to college together, and presumably they roomed with each other then, too, so Agustín moving out is a big deal for both of them emotionally. They choose to deflect their emotion onto Patrick and his dates with Richie, which haven’t progressed to sex yet because they’ve only met at the place where Richie is working as a doorman.


“I don’t want to overthink this, you know how I get!” Patrick says as he moves Agustín’s belongings into Dom’s car. Agustín all but orders Patrick to at least blow Richie the next time they meet. “I wasn’t going to do it in the toilet at Esta Noche!” Patrick says. When Agustín asks why not, Patrick says the toilets there are disgusting and not sexy. Once again, as in the first episode, Patrick is confronted with a queer staple of the past — restroom cruising and hookups — and he reacts with mild disgust with some mild titillation underneath.  Read More...



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