Maidentrip (2014) - Review

If your 14-year-old daughter asked if she could sail around the world by herself, what would you say? Unless you're insane, you'd say no. But Dutch teen Laura Dekker's parents didn't. They even went to court to defend their decision. Unfortunately, that's a more interesting story than the one Jillian Schlesinger's documentary tells. A video-diary chronicle of the young Keira Knightley look-alike's solo adventure on the high seas, Maidentrip is full of sunsets and dolphins but short on introspection and drama. The problem is that Dekker's voyage, although impressive, isn't the high-wire feat you'd expect. She makes several stops along the way, including fun-filled family frolics in Saint Martin and the Galápagos Islands. Yes, it's technically a solo circumnavigation, but still. After 519 days at sea, Dekker finally achieves her goal...and decides to keep sailing, only this time with a hunky boy as her mate. If I were her parents, I wouldn't have signed off on that, either. B-



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