The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Review

It's kind of nice to enjoy "The Hobbit" on its own without a lot of distractions. We now know what 48 fps film looks like, so you can take it or leave it. We know the tone of these films is different and at times more comedic than "The Lord of the Rings", so our expectations are now in check. We pretty much readjusted our bearings, so there's nothing but the story to enjoy. 

"The Hobbit" was always my favorite of the Tolkien books mainly because of Bilbo's encounter with Smaug. I've always loved dragons in movies, so I had high expectations with this film. It did not disappoint. His game of cat and mouse with the dragon is the highlight of the movie and it's like he's playing hide and seek with Godzilla. Benedict Cumberbatch perfectly voices the smug Smaug (see what I did there?) and his superior ego. And I don't know how Cumberbatch provided motion capture for the dragon, but that is going to be one spectacular behind-the-scenes video when we eventually see it. 


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