The Wolf of Wall Street - Review

What fantastic cinematic times we live in when we can watch David O. Russell do his best Martin Scorsese impression with his ripped-from-old-headlines comedy "American Hustle" and then the one true master comes along with a movie that proves that no one does Scorsese like Scorsese himself. Of course, when one treads the subject of the stock market in a movie, one immediately thinks that ground has been well covered with the likes of Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" and its sequel or smaller films like "Margin Call" and "Boiler Room," but "The Wolf of Wall Street" proves there's still a lot more stories to tell. 

Based on Jordan Belfort's autobiographical book of the same name and staying fairly faithful to many of the key moments, "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a very different movie from those mentioned - far edgier, far more modern and of the times and probably closer to the realities of the stock market and the behavior of stock brokers (at least in the ‘90s) then some of what we've previously seen on film.


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