Lone Survivor - Review

Director Peter Berg has already proven his strong admiration and respect for our fighting forces, going back to "The Kingdom," one of his earlier films that expressed his interest in the Middle East. And honestly, whatever bad things you might say about his previous movie "Battleship" (and I've said a lot), it at least confirmed the filmmaker's respect for our fighting men of the military, both those presently serving and our oft-neglected veterans.

After an opening title sequence showing Navy SEAL recruits going through the grueling exercises necessary to get selected for the elite squad, we watch as the bloodied body of Mark Wahlberg's Marcus Luttrell is carried by a helicopter to a medical facility, a sign of what's to come later on. But this is clearly an ensemble piece and we learn that pretty quickly as we meet the other men in Luttrell's squad--Emile Hirsch's Dan Dietch, Taylor Kitch's Mike Murphy and Ben Foster as Matt Axelton--each whom have their own specialties and personalities. Unlike many military movies where the soldiers all are clean-shaven with tight crew cuts, these guys all have hair and beards, maybe to make it easier for them to fit into their surroundings.



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