The Legend of Hercules - Review

It may be too easy to discount this January release merely by the names on the marquee, because Renny Harlin's filmography as a director is spotty at best and Kellan Lutz hasn't really proven himself as an actor, let alone as an action star. Let's just say there comes a lot of prejudgments on the idea of the two of them bringing the story of the Mythological hero to the screen after so many others have tried, which brings fears that they'd do a worse job than those previous attempts. Thankfully, the movie doesn't completely stink and go all campy like some of those previous movies, instead telling a fairly straight-forward origin story how Hercules became the legend that he was.

But the movie starts before he is born showing a stand-off in Argos between King Amphitryon and the champion from the city he's invading, and after a quick battle, he's in charge. Decades later his unsatisfied wife Queen Alcmene turns to the Gods, specifically Hera, to save her from her miserable marriage. She's given a son born by the Gods, but that just makes Amphitryon and Hercules' competitive brother Iphicles more jealous and cruel. We cut forward a few decades and Hercules (Lutz) is a pretty stropping man, out cavorting with the beautiful Princess of Crete, Hebe, taking off his shirt to climb up the side of a waterfall and dive off in order to impress her. But Iphicles, the true heir to the throne is having none of it and he decides to take Hercules out of the picture to have the princess as his bride. 


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