'The Following' Season 2 episode 2: Is Joe Carroll addicted to murder?

We finally got some answers about what Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has been up to in the year since his faked death on "The Following" on Monday (Jan. 27), and the truth was even more messed up than we thought.While Joe was hiding out in some backwoods town, living with a prostitute (Carrie Preston) and her daughter (Tiffany Boone), he was going by the name Darryl and attempting a southern drawl. But the prostitute knows Darryl is Joe! She had written letters to him back when he was in prison, a.k.a. she's another one of his followers. He's been living with with them, posing as her brother/a war vet. He even confides in the skeezy town reverend who "employs" his prostitute sister.What is up with this town? These people are so messed up. The daughter, Mandy, even knows the truth about who Joe is, and wants to know what it feels like when he...



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