'Teen Wolf': Scary selfies, smoke ninjas and Stiles in 'Illuminated'

"Teen Wolf," you have officially blown my mind with "Illuminated." In what may have been the greatest single episode of this excellent show, we got supernatural selfies, a black-light party, near-infinite amounts of shirtlessness, evil Smoke Ninjas ... and Stiles.Has Stiles turned evil? Why do the smoke ninjas leave the number 5 on their victims? Who has killed/nearly-killed Papa Argent? "Teen Wolf" takes on the selfieSince it's kind of hard to cover up the fact that a serial killer nearly murdered a girl and then blew out all of Beacon Hills' electricity, Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski have a few questions for our favorite supernaturally inclined teens. Unfortunately for them, Stiles is around to kill all questions dead. No one learns anything.The only real downside here is that McCall insists on keeping Kira's phone as evidence (because Barrow took pictures of her and all). That would be a mere...



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