Max Cracks

The seemingly "grounded" husband of Tara has undeniably been the rock of the family thus far. As season two begins to unfold Tara's alter "Buck" (possibly everyones favorite) has surfaced despite Tara's decent run at keeping her alters at bay.

I believe that FINALLY after his unbelievable patience with Tara (which makes him what I imagine to be the perfect husband in any woman's eyes, correct me if I am wrong) we are going to see Max "crack". So if Max is indeed the rock in this family what will happen to it when it he does finally break? I only know as much as any of you know but I imagine it will make this season all the more interesting. Forcing each family member to find their own sense of independence and hopefully become semi well-adjusted individuals as the family unit begins to break apart.

Knowing that Showtime has already given the go for a season three maybe the family will not come back to the same sense of unity we might hope for this season. But hey, I for one am okay with that. Tara is all about change so let's just look forward to what ever ride the writers have in store for us. Which at this point I'm sure they don't even know...

I'm looking forward to what I believe to be a very different ride with Max this season.


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May 4, 2010 7:38AM EDT

oh, yes... max is cracking since the beginning of this season... when he buys the house next door he is in total denial, when he doesn't even look for himself at the damages the house has before investing in it... we could say he did the same thing about Tara... not calculate her damage, only give her a chance, and then another, and then another... without caring about how much all this would weigh on his shoulders. Oh yes, I agree: he's the perfect husband. But he needs to start caring for himself, or else he will find himself really broken, just as the rest of the family...( btw... no, my favourite alter is definitely NOT buck... i'll have any other before him... even the beasty one... )Anyway... I'm really onboard too, whatever this show brings next...

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