The Following Recap: Twin Speak


I’d forgotten how icky Joe’s orgasmic murder sounds were until this week, when his true nature got the best of him. His victim was the local preacher of the one-whore town Joe’s been hiding out in for the past year. Some more details of how Joe ended up there emerged this week, not that they really helped clarify anything. This is the kind of backstory that only confuses you more as you get deeper into it. Here’s what we know so far: While Joe was in prison, a prostitute with a heart of gold wrote to him and told him that she could help change his ways. After he faked his own death, all the vast wealth and connections and fully furnished mansions that he’d collected until that point apparently vanished and he was forced to take refuge with the prostitute, in her brothel. She lived there as well, with her adopted teenage daughter, Mandy. Joe sat down at his typewriter and transcribed a scene from That '70s Show from memory and the next thing he knew, become his favorite character, Kelso. A scruffy beard grew like magic on his face and a trucker’s cap sprouted on his head.  Read More...


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