'Pretty Little Liars': Ezra Fitz's Board Shorts and boysenberry puts Spencer on the trail

In the wake of Spencer crashing Emily's reunion with Alison, Spencer and Hanna stay on the Alison case, while the other "Pretty Little Liars" deal with their own issues. And Mona Vanderwall and Mike Montgomery make out, you guys.A/Alison"We're at a college bar, the Hart and the Huntsman. He likes to take me there but doesn't call them dates," writes Alison in her diary. But who was she meeting at the Hollis Bar? It appears to be Mr. Fitz, when Spencer goes to investigate, since he orders boysenberry pie and "Board Shorts Ale," which is what the person in Alison's diary ordered. However, the "flashback" of Alison and Fitz canoodling at the bar is very clearly happening in Spencer's imagination and not an actual flashback.The "A" tag has Tippi the bird calling someone "Board Shorts" and we paused the DVR to read the patient records from the dentist's office -- the only name that jumped...



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