'Supernatural' recap: Did Sam actually give up on family?

Those "Supernatural" boys sure know how to twist the knife when it comes to making heartbreaking statements/confessions/apologies, don't they? They never fail when it comes to punching us fans in the gut. And Sam took the cake with his speech in the final moments of Tuesday (Jan. 28) night's Garth-centric episode, "Sharp Teeth."Of course, the episode started off optimistically, because the Winchester brothers were finally back together (much to Dean's chagrin) to figure out what the heck was going on with AWOL hunter Garth (returning fan favorite DJ Qualls). What they found raised some interesting and important questions that "Supernatural" has long struggled to answer, and while "Sharp Teeth" answered questions about Garth, it didn't deal with the larger picture.We found out that Garth has been MIA because while on a hunt, he got bitten by a werewolf. As a hunter, he knew the only cure was death, but as he was about to...



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