American Idol Season 8 Episode 34 - Who Will Get The Shock Tonight? Review by Connie Norberg

American Idol Season 8 Episode 34

Who Will Get The Shock Tonight? Review by Connie Norberg

The tension of tonight's show was undoubtedly shocking! The Top 5 contestants, Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Matt Giraud open the show with a song called, "I've Got Rhythm" and get the crowd pumped for the reveal. Then Ryan Seacrest announces that Allison Iraheta's birthday was Monday April 27 and Danny Gokey's birthday was Friday April 24. So in celebration, the contestants decided to bake birthday cakes over the last weekend. It began as a fun-loving team effort. Then it slowly began to get dirty. A food fight came shortly after a small spill and eventually leads to a huge mess all over the American Idol Mansion's kitchen. However, they all seemed to be having a blast while each of them were covered in a messy flour and egg topping.

As the show carries on, Ryan Seacrest offers up a Birthday Gift to Danny Gokey. As Danny Gokey opens the envelope, he reads aloud, "$6,000 Cleaning Bill" so he turned to Ryan Seacrest and asked, "Won't American Idol pay for it?" Ryan Seacrest’s reply was "Maybe if you win." The jokes helped to enlighten the contestants for the elimination to come.

It begins with Matt Giraud. Ryan Seacrest asks him how he thinks he did last night. Matt Giraud replies, "I felt good. I had a great time." Soon after he has Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey standing up reveals that Matt Giraud is the first to be chosen for the bottom 3. With that, the show carries on to a performance by The Great Miss Natalie Cole. Natalie Cole warms the stage with her presence by singing, "Something's Gotta Give." She seemed to be delighted to be a part of the show.

The show then moves on with a great performance by the former American Idol Taylor Hicks. He rocks the stage with his talent. After singing, Ryan Seacrest asks him if he has any advice to give the bottom 3. Taylor Hicks happily offers, "It's about your song choices now, making the right moves, and letting America know you have the best and what it takes."

When we get to the remaining Idols; Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, we find that both of them were in the bottom 3 along with Matt Giraud tonight. I was shocked to see Kris Allen and Adam Lambert in the bottom 3. So Matt Giraud, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert are now in the hot seats. Ryan Seacrest asks Simon Cowell if he has any advice or thoughts to share with the 3 contestants. He smiles and says, "America votes. Don’t listen to me at this point."

As Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Matt Giraud await their destiny, Jamie Foxx heats things up on the stage with his powerful performance of, "Blame It" Working up a sweat, he moves throughout the stage exciting the audience and gaining their full attention while he appears to own the spotlight.

Moving on to the part we’ve all been waiting for, Ryan Seacrest asks the bottom 3 to stand as he reveals the first to be safe: Kris Allen walks over to join and sit comfortably with the Top 2, Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta. And the final result between Matt Giraud and Adam Lambert comes down to Matt Giraud going home. I figured that Matt Giraud would be the one eliminated if it were him in the bottom 3. As everybody says goodbye to Matt Guraud, he is reassured by all the judges that because of his amazing talent, this is not the end, but a new beginning.

Now we look forward to next week's Rock And Roll Theme. I have a feeling Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta will not fall short on surprising us with their amazing rock-star qualities.

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