The Office Season 5 Episode 24 "Casual Friday" Review by Connie Norberg

The Office Season 5 Episode 24 "Casual Friday" Review by Connie Norberg

Kevin Malone begins our hilarious episode with his "Kevins Famous Chili" as he walks into the building with his very big pot of homemade chili. With the elevators out of order, he is forced to walk the chili all the way to the office. Unfortunately, he doesn't make it far before it spills onto the carpeted floor. So he looks around for something to scoop it up with and put back into the pot. Using 2 folders, he slops the now contaminated chili back into the pot, while falling directly into the spill; his suit is covered in chili.

Meanwhile, Michael Scott holds a conference in hopes that he receives some sort of apology from the sales staff since he is sour about them turning their back on him when he needed sales people for his paper company. Without directly asking for an apology, the staff does not know why he is holding the meeting. He never receives the apology he was looking for.

Phyllis Lapin and Pam Beesley discover they are both wearing the same shirt so, Pam comments that Phyllis has great taste. But because Phyllis is mad about Pam stealing her clients, her response was, "close your mouth sweetie, you look like a trout.'

Angela Martin decides that she is so disgusted by seeing Oscar Martinez's feet, she frantically and hysterically asks Toby Flenderson to confront him about it. And she screams to him, "Do your job!" as she walks out of his office.

Dwight Schrute decides to phone Andy Bernard to have him call the rest of the sales staff to a secret conference, with the exception of Pam Beesley and Ryan Howard.

Dwight Schrute decides that something must be done to get back their clients from Pam Beesley and Ryan Howard. Jim understands that they are all upset over losing their clients to Pam Beesley and Ryan Howard, so he suggests they just confront Michael Scott about it. But they all insist they receive revenge. So, Jim Halpert refuses to be involved. Instead, he gives the heads-up to Michael Scott, personally to inform him of a possible "mutiny forming in the warehouse right now." This is giving Michael a challenge so he puts them to the test.

As they return, Michael Scott confronts them by asking them where they went for lunch. Their reply was "At a restaurant." But Andy Bernard comically embellishes his lie by telling Michael Scott he had a "Salmon Salad with water, no ice. I was going to get a soda, but the waitress talked me out of it. Her name was Flo, she had black hair." So Michael insists they must not be hungry for the food they brought to work, sitting in the refrigerator. And with that, Michael Scott begins to open the refrigerator, handing Pam Beesley and Ryan Howard their food. While they eat it in front of them, you could clearly see Stanley Hudson, Andy Bernard, Phyllis Lapin and Dwight Schrute sweating regret.

Toby Flenderson decides to confront Meredith Palmer for her very short dress she is wearing by asking her to "Pull it down a little bit." But as she arguably pulls it down, her left breast is exposed so one of the coworkers calls out, "Meredith, your boob is out!" Continuing on to argue, she pulls the dress up even further and another coworker calls out, "Damn it Meredith, where are your panties!?" Her reply was simply put, "its casual day!" After disgusting the staff, she then continues to walk over to the printer while slightly bending over to retrieve some paperwork, her derrière is exposed.

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May 4, 2009 2:23PM EDT

This isn't a review so much as a complete outline of what happens in every scene in the episode. Lame.

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