Reign Review: That's So Pagan

Pagan rituals, mysterious cousins and beautiful tiaras? It's true - the Reign I love so much is back!

Reign Season 1 Episode 10 was our first real peek into the Bash administration, and let me tell you: it is awesome.

We've had a bit of a hard time getting to know Bash through Reign Season 1, mostly because Francis was always getting in the way - making out with Mary, or pledging his love to Mary, or pretending like he's mad at Mary when we know he's not really and he's totally going to come back any second and pledge his love to her again.

But this hour gave us one of our first sustained looks at who Bash really is. And it turns out: he is a spunky, sarcastic, spiritually open-minded man with little tolerance for royal decorum and the striking blue eyes of a well-bred Husky. Sign me up, man!



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