New Girl Review: Let's Go Crazy

I like to keep an appropriate level of icy critical remove around here, but I feel like I must confess before we go any further: I am an amateur Prince-ologist.

I've seen Prince in concert, I can quote all of Purple Rain at will, and I once won a free pizza at a bowling alley for being able to name three of his female proteges from the '80s while simultaneously shot-gunning a beer.

And so when I found out that my worlds would be colliding in New Girl Season 3 Episode 14, I braced myself for any possible number of outcomes.

Would it be good? Would it be bad? Would Prince be in on the joke? Would Prince even really be in the episode? Or would we just get a brief shot of the Purple One in the background, grooving around in an enormous hat, as the gang hashed out some problems, which is so often the case with celebrity guest stars?



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