American Horror Story: Coven: The Show Where Dying Doesn’t Matter

American Horror Story: Coven airs its season finale tonight, presumably with some righteous bons mots from Jessica Lange, some GIF-worthy sneers from Emma Roberts, and probably some A+ fashion hats in the mix. (That show's millinery game is tight.) The show's big question is who will rise to power as the new Supreme, but its secondary question is who will die in her wake.


Just kidding! It doesn't matter who dies on AHS:Coven, because it turns out everyone can come back from the dead. You just can't keep a good/bad witch down, apparently. Oh, you can cut her head off, but she'll come back. You can shoot her in the skull, but she'll come back. Heck, you can burn her at the stake and still she'll come back. Witches, man. If they're not dosing people with immortality elixirs, they're Frankenstein-ing dead frat boys into meat-collage boyfriends.  Read More...


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