'The Vampire Diaries': Where will Elena, Damon, Stefan, Jeremy, Caroline, etc. be after another 100 episodes?

After five years and five crazy seasons, "The Vampire Diaries" aired its 100th episode last week.The hour was filled with game-changing twists (Katherine possessed Elena! Caroline had hot sex in the woods with Klaus! Tyler came back to Mystic Falls at the worst possible time for Caroline!) but our favorite parts of the episode were the callbacks to earlier game-changing moments in the series, like when Aunt Jenna appeared to remind Katherine of the time she compelled her to walk into a knife, or Uncle John reminded her that she cut off his fingers, or seeing Vicki and Alaric again.Those nostalgic moments reminded us of how much has happened and how much our characters have changed in the past 100 episodes. Just think back to the pilot: Elena was sitting in a graveyard, writing in her diary, mourning her parents, without any knowledge that she was surrounded by supernatural creatures. Bonnie was more concerned...



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