I went to the New York Comic-con this year. I found a lot of people talking about the Dark Knight of course. As well as the future story lines for the next 2 films. Several patrons were saying the film is suppose to deal with the introduction of (?Guy Pierce?) Dick Grayson. I heard word that his character was to be spun in the 3rd film directly into the Nightwing character. A vigilante which will later become Robin in the 4th. Selina Kyle / Catwoman (?Angelina Jolie? / ?Keira Knightley?) is supposedly going to be in the next film. As well as ?Johnny Depp? portraying Jervis Tetch / Mad Hatter. There was talk about (?Elijah Wood?) the Riddler's appearance would be small in the 3rd installment. If the franchise makes it to a 5th movie. There is word he will play one of the villians. Aaron Eckhart has been quoted as saying Two Face is dead. Even so, there have been rumors floating around cyber-space that he would be returning as a budding Harvey Dent. He begins his career as a public defender. He defends the client who killed Dick Grayson's family. There has also been talk that Christopher Nolan has written the predominant story for the 3rd film. Though the screenplay maybe in re-writes now. I have been reading there maybe no further involvement on his part in future Batman films. So the future for the series is up in the air. Despite speculation there would be a Joker and Two Face reunion. I have not heard anything of the kind at all. Where it was said Jonathan Nolan has been writing the story for the 4th film with ?Razor Sharpe?. Who I heard will be starring as (Victor Fries) Mr. Freeze. ?Natalie Portman? is speculated to star as Nora Fries. ?Joey Ansah? is said to possibly play Guillermo (Brutale) Barrera. Richard Earle (Rutger Hauer) was mentioned to return in the 4th film as well. It was tossed around that ?Chiwetel Ejiofor? is to play a young Lucius Fox and ?Wentworth Miller? would play a young Richard Earle. Linus Roache (Bruce Wayne's Father / Thomas Wayne) is said to appear in the 4th film too. I did not hear anything on whether David Goyer has any ties to the writing of the next 2 films. Also, is there any truth that Jonathan will be taking up the series in his brother's absence? Are Goyer and Christopher Nolan truly leaving The Dark Knight series to pursue other projects of interest? I hope not. It would be a damn shame if they did. If so, I hope if Jonathan does assume his brother's duties. He is at least half as good as his brother if not as good. If so, I see no reason to fret about whether or not the next films will be good. Because they will be destined to be great.


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