NYC COMIC-CON NEWSLETTER: author: Dave Micah 4/18/08


Batman 4 Synopsis: Years ago, Lucius Fox was moved up from his dreary job in archives. He assumed an apprentice position with Wayne Enterprise's premiere scientist Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze). Fox,Victor and his wife Nora's studies led the company in unsurpassed innovations. Unknown to Victor and his new assistant, they had a black market arms dealer in their mist. A young products manager in corporate named Richard Earle. Earle's ambitions to be the majority stock holder and one day run the company out weighed his morality. Fries discovered the truth after being confronted by a dying man named Guillermo (Brutale) Barrera. The team leader of Hasaraguan soldiers used as guinea pigs to create an impervious army. Once Earle gained knowledge of Barrera's presence. He began to plot Victor's demise. After a lab accident left Nora at death's door. Fries discovered the substance that nearly killed her could be used to save her. In order to slowly replicate new cells from bad and one day wake his beloved whole again. Victor resorted to cryogenic freeze and induced his serum for it's properties of cellular fission. Upon reading Richard Earle's fraudulent status report and Victor's refusal to reveal his work. Thomas Wayne ordered Fries to hand over his research or shut down his project. In desperation he embezzled millions to continue his work privately. After being unable to crack Victor's security access. The lab was shut down electronically which produced catastrophic results. Lucius discovered the true madness of it all. As the unseen project he had worked on revealed itself to the light of day. Victor forced his friend out of the lab. Leaving Lucius trapped behind locked doors, helpless from saving his mentor from certain death. Victor fought to stop a containment breach before it reached critical mass. As liquid nitrogen flooded the room and Victor's body grew stiff. In a last educated guess to grant him some mobility and save Nora. He plunged the serum into his heart. An effort which would prove too little, too late. After he awoke in a morgue and mourned the finality of it all. He began planning humanity's domination.

Now, nearly 40 years after the largest scandal in the history of Wayne Enterprise. A man whom was presumed to be dead returns to exact his revenge. With the promise of great wealth, Richard Earle travels to the heart of Antarctica with a series of nuclear launch codes. He is to meet a man known only as Mr. Zero. He is greeted by a being with an ageless face, he could never forget, and a badly deteriorated body. So much so, Victor has replaced his decaying organs, bones and flesh with cybernetics of his design. As promised their exchange will go unfettered. However, Freeze never said he would fly Earle home. As Gotham is met by a less than warm homecoming. Batman goes on the hunt for the villain dubbed as Mr. Freeze. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson promising never to dawn the shadow of Nightwing again. Defiantly he takes on a new persona as Robin. Changing the name of the game, Robin takes it upon himself to free the world's top scientific minds from Freeze's bidding. Only to be ambushed by Brutale and his men. Trained assassins who will prove themselves to be more than just deadly. Fries engages a bitter sweet union with Fox to unveil Bruce Wayne's alter ego and take control of his company's satellites. As Freeze is unaware Nora lays within arms length of him. Lucius Fox makes a final plea to save Victor from his demons. Batman and Robin race against the clock to topple his four decades of meticulous planning. Plans which will melt the polar ice caps and leave the ocean's Great Conveyor Belt in its tracks. Mr. Freeze vows that his Earth will be a new age of reason. As half of the planet is covered in ice and the other bows


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