'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi wears wedding ring in Season 8 - How will it be explained?

While fans got their first look at Peter Capaldi in his "Doctor Who" costume, there's one accessory they couldn't see. In photos from the set, which can be viewed on the Daily Mirror, Capaldi is seen wearing a wedding ring on his finger.According to Ryan Farell, a fan observing the set, that's Capaldi's own wedding ring, which he rarely takes off for roles. That leaves a bit of explaining for the Doctor to do, though.Will the show acknowledge it as being due to a wife, or will this be one of those things that just sits out there being ignored? As far as who it could be for, the best bet is River Song (Alex Kingston).Showrunner Steven Moffat has already admitted that he's tempted to bring Kingston back to reprise her role at some point. Certainly, if that happens at some point, she'd make a big show of it. In the meantime, fans will have to...



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