'Arrow': Roy punches, Laurel drinks, Oliver fails at secrets in 'Tremors'

"Arrow" has an anger management problem, and his name is Roy Harper. The mirakuru-laden Roy starts his hero training in "Tremors" and almost succeeds at it. He helps to save the day anyway, which is totally a ticket straight to Team Arrow (as Felicity sometimes calls it).The episode also features a great deal of drinking (by Laurel), some political deal-making (with Moira and Walter), slashing (by the Bronze Tiger) and comic-book setups (of the Suicide Squad). Oh, and a little birdie known as the Black Canary may just be back in town too.Safe to say that "Tremors" is a big episode.Crime and release from punishmentToward the beginning of the episode, the Bronze Tiger gets sprung from jail. His rescuer is a middle-aged man named Milo Armitrage who wants the Tiger to procure a certain item. We don't get to find out what that is right away, but the episode title and the fact that...



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