Good Show!.. too bad its over, why is it over anyways?

I didn't watch The O.C. when it was on, but I just started watching it here. I'm not finished yet, I'm in season 3. I loved it since the beginning, its a very nice drama/romatic story. Good time killer, at least it has been for me. I cried, laughed and got upset LOL!! ..

With Adam and Ben, its just great! :P .. Ryan is soo sexy and Seth its quite dorky but a sweet funny guy. The only thing that gets to my nerves is that Marissa's character is always in trouble and/or hooking up with someone. She befrended that Jhonny and Oliver, being "naive" about not knowing that they liked her and even hooked up with that girl. And she is always confused and arguing and being the victim.. its quite annoying.

Anyways, I cant get enough every night of the O.C... too bad I have only 1.5 seasons to go.. :(

Why did they cancelled the show?!?! Anyone?!



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Aug 7, 2008 11:34AM EDT

omg i know right! i totally agree with every thing you said. i just started watching it last week and im on season 3. what you said about marissa is so true. she always has drama. watching the seasons i was waiting for just one episode when the drama didnt revolve around her. i mean i guess they did it for good entertainment for the show but its like she or ryan never got a break from her drama.
The O.C. was cancelled for a few reasons.
1.Josh Schwartz, the producer & creator of the sohw believed it was a good time for the show to end.
2. The show's ratings went down more & more by the season and had only 4 million viewers by its last season.
I also believe a big reason was because they killed off one of their main characters, Marissa Cooper. Basically everyone wanted to see Ryan & Marissa end up together, and by killing her off they didn't get to see that.

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Aug 24, 2008 6:12PM EDT

I'd tell you why the show got cancelled but I would spoil you alot of info, so just watch the whole show and figure it out yourself :P

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