'The Blacklist' adds Dianne Wiest: Who will she play?

NBC's "The Blacklist" has had no shortage of A-list guest stars, including Alan Alda and Isabella Rosselini. Now it sounds as though we can add two-time Oscar winner Dianne Wiest to the list. Star Megan Boone tweets Thursday (Jan. 30), "Dianne Wiest is going to be on our show!"Zap2it has reached out to NBC for comment, so we'll let you know when we have any details. For now, let's speculate!Do you think Wiest could be a member of Red's blacklist? Is she some evil criminal that the FBI takes out at Red's behest? Maybe.We think we can rule out Red's family -- Wiest is too young to be his mother but too old to be his wife. What we actually think it's much more likely she's playing a government official. In fact, we would bet Wiest plays a friend or colleague of Fitch (Alda), which means she's probably going to be adversarial to Red while...



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