TV Review: Rake

Keegan Deane is a guy who just can't catch a break, mostly because he doesn't deserve one. It's all this silver-tongue lawyer can do to keep living the ''where's-the-party?'' lifestyle to which he's become accustomed but refuses to earn. He makes modest money barely working, entering guilty pleas for guilty men. Itinerant and cash strapped, he's made himself a permanent guest at his best friend's house by exploiting the man's good nature. Leave? No, he tells Ben (John Ortiz): ''That will make you feel bad about you, and I won't let you do that to yourself.''

But the checks that Deane's ass can't cash have all come due. In the opening moments ofRake, the enforcer (Omar J. Dorsey) for a bookie to whom Deane, a reckless gambling addict, owes $59,000 bashes his face and delivers an ultimatum, plus a call to change. ''Pay your debts. C'mon, Kee! Where's your dignity?!'' He might as well be speaking for almost everyone in Deane's life, from the therapist ex-wife (Miranda Otto), who dumped him for being a lying cheating narcissist, to the long-suffering secretary (Tara Summers) that Deane can't pay, or won't.

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