TV Review: Justified

Chilling. And correct? For Raylan Givens, the answer is an emphatic yes. Because he'sJustified, of course, or so he (and we) would like to think. Furious with righteous common sense, offering catharsis for a culture sick and tired of crazy, stupid wrong, Elmore Leonard's scalawag-cool Kentucky lawman (played by Timothy Olyphant) is a Southern cowboy Buffy, and the bumpkin bogeymen and vampire carpetbaggers who befoul the hollers of his Harlan County home are the demons of his Hellmouth. He slays with bullets or quips or both, and he's good at it, because he was born to it — and he hates that, so he yearns to hang it up and walk away. That day might be coming soon, for after four seasons, Justified's once-shiny badge has dulled.

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