TV Review: Girls

If season 3 of Girls proves anything, it's that Lena Dunham listens to her haters. Minutes into the premiere, the season 2 story lines that pushed the dramedy into some seriously dark territory are walked back. Hannah's (Dunham) crippling OCD: miraculously managed. Self-loathing Adam's (Adam Driver) degrading sexual humiliation of girlfriend Natalia (Shiri Appleby): sorta apologized for, then awkwardly laughed away. I'm not sure what to worry about more — the show's sudden interest in being slightly more likable, or the lack of vision.

So begins a lighter season that engages the chief criticisms of Girls — Hannah and her maturity-challenged pals are self-absorbed; they're actually hideous friends to one another — if only to say: That's part of the point. In the second episode, Hannah, Adam, and always totes supportive Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) go on a road trip into the woods to help a friend in need, free-spirited Jessa (Jemima Kirke). What selflessness! What self-improvement! And what a joke! The story quickly reveals itself to be a showcase for the girls' self-centeredness. When Hannah starts bellyaching that their ''boring'' adventure lacks enough metaphorical value for her book, Adam jumps out of the car and literally takes a hike. Metaphorical, indeed.

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