American Horror Story: Coven Season Finale Recap: Tonight, I’ll Be Your Knotty Girl


After a whirlwind of divas, the finale left things mostly in the hands of our plucky young witches, their fearless headmistress, and Myrtle Snow. Who emerged Supreme? Let’s find out.


We open with a fantastic montage — literally. Bathed in light more honeyed than fast-food fried chicken, Stevie Nicks walks through Miss Robichaux’s lip-synching “Seven Wonders” as the witches practice: Misty makes a plant speed-grow like she’s Seymour Krelborn. Zoe makes her bed levitate but, even more impressive, is actually studying out of books while at the Academy. Myrtle glitters the greenhouse. Madison settles into a bath, then makes the water bubble and lights the candles and fireplace on fire. Queenie assembles a voodoo circle in front of a framed photo of Nan (d’awwww). The young witches then gather on the stairs, and Stevie wishes them “Good luck, girls!” as she sashays away. It’s all very “Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Version.”  Read More...


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