Arrow Season 2 Review “Tremors”

Now this is the Arrow that I have come to know and appreciate. I am happy to report that I enjoyed this hour so much more than the last one. Perhaps it’s just that a couple of things I really wanted to happen sort of happened, but whatever this reason I have quite a few good things to say about “Tremors.”

Oliver started training Roy, and to say that their sessions got off to a rocky start is an understatement. Oliver tried to go through the same training with Roy that Shado went through with him on The Island, but Roy is a pretty crappy student. I like Roy, but patience is not one of his virtues. He wants everything to happen all at once, and he doesn’t see the value in waiting. More than that, Roy is a very angry young man. He’s had a lot of bad things happen to and around him, so he’s got a pretty short fuse. Add that weird suspersoldier serum to the mix, and you have one seriously volatile cocktail. Oliver kept trying to tell Roy that the only way not to lose his mind is to learn control, but Roy wasn’t accepting that. At least not at first. But after everything that happened, it seems like he understands now why he needs control.



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