White Collar Season 5 Finale 2014 Review “Diamond Exchange” – Freedom Lost

In the Season 5 finale of White Collar, called “Diamond Exchange,” Peter and Neal race the clock to save Mozzie, but in the end danger comes from a completely unexpected direction.

Watching Peter and Neal working together to save Mozzie was great for so many reasons. First, it brought the show back to its original premise: An FBI agent and a criminal using the different skills they’ve learned to solve a crime. In this case, it was more a mystery and not so much a crime that they were solving, but the idea was the same. Not that I’m saying that putting just any FBI agent together with any criminal would work. Of course Peter and Neal make the experience unique because of who they are. There’s a reason they’ve got the best record in the Bureau and they proved it when they used the evidence to find the diamond.




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