Black Sails Season 1 Review “II.”

The first episode of Black Sails opened with a bang (several, actually), and then devolved into lots of uninteresting land-based issues like bureaucracy, economics, and Spanish treasure galleons. After a second episode, it’s clear the show is using the term “adventure” rather liberally. With Captains Flint and Vane and their respective crews chasing a piece of paper for an hour, it seems the show is intent on being the one thing a pirate “adventure” series should never be: tedious.

But tedious is exactly what the show is through its first two episodes. There appears to be a large disconnect between the marketing of the series and the actual execution of it. Granted, a show with pirates in it is going to be billed as a pirate show. The marketing departments of networks are not in the business of pitching a show’s reality to potential viewers. However, the term pirates is more of a framing device for the show as opposed to any kind of actual descriptor of what’s going on. I understand we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at the politics and economics of pirating, but it’s such an odd thing to assemble a group of able-bodied men and women, and then have them just sit across from each other the entire time. Regardless of what time period it’s set in, what setting it uses, or what cast the show has, bureaucracy does not make for entertaining television. It’s really that simple.



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