Shameless Season 4 Review “Strangers on a Train”

It’s more a case of not-so-‘Strangers on a Train’ in this week’s Shameless, and Fiona is only digging herself in deeper and deeper with Robbie. We all know, as she does, that staying faithful to Mike – or even coming clean about last week’s incident – would mean less drama in the long run, but it’s still hard not to start screaming at the television nonetheless. Fiona has everything she ever thought she wanted, but now she realizes that life lived in peace and harmony just isn’t life as a Gallagher.

She even says as much to Debbie at the episode’s end, and it’s the case for almost every members of the family this week (Ian is still away doing lord knows what). While Fiona is sabotaging her relationship and her job, Debbie is taking the advice of her friend over her own better instincts, Carl is taking his dad’s ‘life and death’ crisis to heart and Lip very nearly quits college after his best efforts get him nowhere. If we’re honest, as predictable as it is to see Fiona slip back into her old lifestyle, it’s quite satisfying to see Lip do the same. Who hasn’t wanted to cause random destruction to the property of richer students after a bad test?



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