Almost Human Season 1 Review “Unbound”

After taking a few weeks off, Almost Human returned tonight with the exciting and enlightening installment “Unbound”. With some really cool action scenes, some fun guest stars, and some great pieces of illumination into the overall mythology of the Almost Human universe, it was episodes like this that make me miss this show over the last few weeks.

The main plot itself wasn’t anything to write home about. The idea of a rogue “XRN” (basically a Terminator, for all intents and purposes) wasn’t anything fresh on this show. We’ve seen “robots gone bad” on this series before several times, so they weren’t really bringing anything new on that front. Guest star and former MMA fighter Gina Carano was a fun inclusion as the XRN, and she certainly brought a lot of physicality to the role and appropriately handled herself well in her fight scenes, but she’s never really been a great actress or anything. No, this week all of the most interesting stuff was what happened around the case-of-the-week.



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