The Following Season 2 Review “Trust Me”

Now this was more like it. Although I didn’t hate last week’s episode of “The Following,” I and a number of others did get a bit concerned about certain plot developments, and what seemed like potential, if not outright, clichés that were being set up thus far. Well, the show might as well have been talking about itself when it declared “Trust Me” as the latest episode title, because that trust- or at least hope- paid off with this episode.

First of all, we discovered that the police aren’t quite as clueless as we’ve been led to believe with the limited information at hand. They actually have been keeping tabs on Ryan, and knew enough to be able to catch him in a lie (several, actually), and enough to know that he wasn’t exactly big on the sharing, and therefore, couldn’t exactly be trusted with crucial information. Also, while the muck-up that was the seeming attack on Lily looked to be as much their fault as anyone else’s, it would seem that that’s not exactly true, either.



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