Intelligence Season 1 Review “The Rescue”

This week’s Intelligence brought another straightforward procedural episode with “The Rescue,” with Gabriel and Riley heading south of the border to rescue a senator’s kidnapped daughter. Though a bit on the familiar side, a good bit of character development for Lillian and a solidification of Intelligence’s viewpoint helped to make this a worthwhile episode.

At the outset, I did roll my eyes a bit at the premise. I know that with dozens of procedurals out there, certain storylines are going to appear a lot, but the “kidnapping/blackmailing a government member” story is one I feel like I’ve seen a lot lately. However, the kidnapper himself helped to elevate the arc as it moved forward. Learning that Hector not only had past ties to the government, but that he was also connected to Lillian’s father Leland, allowed the show to open a lot of interesting doors.



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