Pretty Little Liars

I read the PLL books when they first came out and was totally hooked..All I could think was "WHO IS A!?!" it nearly drove me mad..I would re read the books over and over trying to guess from little clues and in the end I made a guess and it turned out I was right..

I loved who even though you found out who it was the books still had so much more of a story to tell..

When I heard it was being made into a tv show I was so excited, I couldn't wait to see how they would do it..

But then I seen the promo and my friends all thought it looked brill but I was really let down I didn't hink it loooked good at all and the girls were nothing like the characters in the books..

But I watched the show and now..................i take it back!! I love it, like I'm hooked again..Even thought the girls don't look like described in the book I love them..Hanah and Aria in the show are great..the personalities of the characters are like the books and I think they are really well suited..

Anybody else have a similar suitation? Or what do you think?


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