This series has shocked and astounded me. Written in the old style of comic book heroes, but portrayed a whole lot better than sin city, heroes takes you deep into the world of superheroes in a way that could actually be believable. The science behind the phenomenon are quite possible, without going into too much detail as to confuse the layman, and with consequences which are also believable with the way in which these powers work.

I have heard a lot of people down play this series, mainly due to the fact that they have not watched it in a fashion from start to finish. This story needs to be understood to be appreciated, as it has many deep plot hooks and so many cliff hangers it will leave you on the edge of your seat each week waiting for the next. The characters are all intensely intruiging, and each plays their part in a way which is perfectly fitting.

How deep the rabbit hole goes? I await the answer with trepidation. Rawk on Heroes!


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